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Why Women Are Much Better In Investing Than Men

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by: No more debt !
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Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 Time: 7:21 PM

It is a fact acknowledged by all that women are better than men when it comes to investment. There are a number of reasons that can be attributed to the higher success rate of women in investing. Most of them are related to the living conditions and the changing times.

A happy married life is no more the main concern of a woman these days. More importance is given to economic stability and a financially comfortable future. Life is full of uncertainties. Anything can happen at any time.

When there is so much uncertainty about tomorrow, it is better to get prepared today for a brighter tomorrow. To be able to lead a free life, one should be self sufficient and independent. This is what women try to achieve these days. They want to stand on their own legs.

The old concepts about a woman are no more true and valid. Nowadays, they want to make their future secure by investing their money in more profitable and safe areas of investment. People get surprised at the ability of women to invest their money so wisely. They prefer less risky investments and save at least 10% more than men.

Another characteristic of a woman's investment is diversification of investment portfolio. Learning how to make money is more important than having money. If you have lot of money now and if you don't know how to make more money, whatever you have now will be finished within a short time and you will have to depend on somebody for your immediate needs. But if you know how to make money, you become independent and you enjoy your freedom.

So what is more important in being independent is to assess your present financial position and use your resources to make more money for the future. Mere calculation and playing with numbers will not make you a good investor.

Some of the factors which make women better investors than men are the following:

-        Taking advice from others.

-        Studying the pros and cons of each type of investment.

-        Diversifying the investment portfolio.

-        Research on different investment possibilities.

-        Choosing investments that yield good returns.

Now let us see how these factors will affect the success rate of your investment. Taking advice from others: It is in the nature of women to seek advice from others whenever they are in need of it. They trust their own gender in taking outside help.

There are a number women forums where the women cam come together, discuss matters, ask for opinions and help. These women forums are created very recently indicating that women are increasingly becoming independent and interested in coming together and discussing their own affairs. They feel comfortable in discussing matters with their peers and taking help from them. They find men too overwhelming and intimidating.

Men may jeer at the women forums and may think that the women are wasting their time gossiping and chatting. But in reality, the time the women are brought together is used to share new ideas and to ask for advice and help from those who have experience and the technical knowhow.

This is one of the reasons why women investors are more successful than men. Realizing the benefits of taking advice from others, even men have now started discussing matters with others and taking the opinion of others into account.

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Now everybody understands that many heads together can bring about wonderful results. Making money is the goal of investing and since women are more in tuned with it, they should be in the driver's seat.

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